Business Innovation Consultants

Pineapple is a workplace innovation development & consultancy firm, which enables its clients fulfil their business goals in a more efficient way

Custom Business Applications

Custom applications help people operate efficiently, because they use a system created for their specific needs. If your company suffers from
some of the following problems, you should consider ditching your current systems and start creating a custom application to better suit the entity's needs.

Problems such as:
  1. Use of multiple software pieces to accomplish one task
  2. Tracking and analyzing data by hand
  3. Doing repetitive tasks manually
  4. Software isn’t scalable
  5. Always in search-and-test mode
  6. Need to meet compliance standards
  7. There are processes that should be simple, but are not
  8. Multiple locations
  9. Lots of paper
  10. Old software

We specialize in building custom FileMaker solutions

FileMaker is the leading workplace innovation platform in the industry, providing the tools to create fine enterprise systems in a very rapid time period. Pineapple provides unmatched FileMaker solutions for its clients