Thessaloniki, Greece

Pineapple is located in Thessaloniki, a vibrant city in the northen part of Greece. Whilst our legal office is in Thessaloniki, we are mostly operating worldwide from our homes. Pineapple is a proud supporter of the work from home and digital nomads movement


User agreement

# User Agreement

## Agreement Version: 1.0
## Date Updated: Sunday, 13 Dec 2020

### Data Privacy
Pineapple P.C., hereby call as "Pineapple", does not track any of your data, does not use any 3rd party trackers, nor share any contact info with 3rd party services. Contact info is provided only voluntarily and it's securely saved in encrypted files for "Pineapple" use only. "Pineapple" may contact you for commercial or other purposes, if user agreed to the user agreement

### Free Downloads

"Pineapple" is in solitary ownership of files provided. "Pineapple" is providing those files through its domain, using secure and anonymous channels, such as, Dropbox, Integromat.
"Pineapple" may use intellectual products created by others and will credit them in files provided, if others require so. "Pineapple" bares no accountability for the state of files provided and has no obligation to provide support nor any responsibility if used commercially. Free downloads are created for training purposes only and that's why they are provided free of charge.

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